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Continental CrossContact LX Sport Tires

Seller:Tulasi Browning
City, State:San Diego , CA - (Map It!)
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Phone Number:6199900734

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Set of 4 Continental brand tires, in excellent condition, with 4 Audi Q5 18'' alloy wheels

Continental CrossContact LX Sport Tires
Tire Size: 235/60R18
Sidewall Style: Blackwall
Serv.Desc: 103H
UTQG: 480 A A
Wheels retail at $167.00 per wheel, brand new ($668 total for brand new)
Tires come with 4 Audi Q5 rims
Rims are 18'' alloy
Rims retail at +$150.00 per rim, brand new ($600)

Selling all 4 tires and rims for only $500 (total)!!! Wheels and rims are both in wonderful condition! Never had any repairs, dings, etc... Too good of an opportunity to pass up. Even if you don't drive an Audi, the tires alone are a screaming deal!

Keywords: SUV, Tires, Crossover, Truck, Audi, Continental, Rims, Wheels, Alloy, 18''

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