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2008 BMW Z3

BMW Z3 Electric Hardtop Hoist Lift - NEW -

Seller:Matt Burr
City, State:boiling springs, PA - (Map It!)
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If you own a BMW Z3 and its hardtop, you should seriously consider getting a hoist! Here are a few reasons to choose a hoist over a dolly, cart, or cradle...

1. Mounting and removing the top is now a one person job--not need to bother your wife or round up friends!

2. This method avoids the tricky procedure where you and a friend have to lift the top up and over your car to mount or set it aside--one slip and you've got serious damage.

3. You can leave the top suspended, to save on garage space.

4. Leaving a hardtop on a dolly or cart exposes it to accidental bumps and scrapes.

This new design is both strong and easy to use. There is no cumbersome strap to 'unthread' from under the top after it's been lowered, or to 'rethread' in order to raise it--the overall procedure is simpler. This simplicity allows you to mount or remove the top on a whim, and take advantage of nice weather when it presents itself, or to give your car added hardtop protection when needed.

This product includes the hoist and all the hardware you’ll need, and detailed installation and usage instructions. The price of $388 includes shipping. We accept PayPal and major credit cards through PayPal's website, as well as Google CheckOut. Manual hoists are also available. See for more information.

Thanks for your interest!


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